A cold beer, a glass of wine, a signature bourbon martini or a plate of seasonally driven cuisine, and a warm trendy atmosphere with sports all around you….

When it comes to dining and sports in the north metro, Mustang Tavern is simply setting a new standard. It’s not just about the trendy atmosphere, state of the art flat screens, friendly staff or the food made from scratch.
No, it’s the delightful blend of all these elements, carefully enhanced to change the dining experience of what is normally associated with a sports restaurant. Once you experience the Mustang Tavern you will understand why people are driving from southern Minnesota to create some more family memories before heading into the city for a big game.
At Mustang Tavern we emphasize family farms, locally sourced foods and if it’s not around…it’s flown in. Of course, we didn’t start that practice because it’s good for the environment. We did it because it was the only way to get the quality of ingredients that deserve to be on your plate.
That means that your menu will change seasonally. When you source locally, your menus adapt to the growing and harvesting season. What the farmers recommend is what our team of chefs’ use. This way, the farmers benefit, our chefs’ benefit, and your palate is teased with experiences that used to be reserved for fine dining…


Mustang mapAddress:
500 5th Ave NW
New Brighton, MN 55112

Phone:  651.633.9440

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